Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s new mobile app

ANCHORAGE (KTUU), Alaska – The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has released a mobile application that allows Alaskans legal access to fishing and hunting licenses on their phones.

The app allows residents to have fishing and fishing licences. It also includes a map with electronic regulations, which allows users to search for specific waterways in Alaska. They can also click on them to view the latest regulations. Ryan Ragan, Department Statewide Communication Coordinator, said that the app is performing well so far.

“The response thus far — and again, we released this mobile app earlier this year — has exceeded even our expectations,” Ragan said. “Currently, we have got around 50,000 downloads for the ADFG mobile app.”

A mobile app’s first release is not likely to see more than 50,000 downloads within a year. All users can download the app, which is supported by iOS and Android. Residents need only log in to their MyAlaska account, or Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

While the app is very user-friendly and simple to use, it’s still a work in progress and the department is welcoming feedback so they can make it the most helpful piece of software possible. While it is legal to carry your licenses in digital form on your phone, phones can die or get wet.

“We do encourage people to just consider when they go out into the field if they do have that mobile app and their licenses and permits on their phone you still might want to have a backup resource paper hard copy within your close proximity in the event something happens to your phone,” said Ragan.

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