Discord works on Xbox but it takes some steps to set up.

Discord, the popular voice chat app, is now available on Xbox. There is one problem. It only takes a few steps. To enable Discord voice chat on Xbox consoles, users will need to follow multiple instructions and accept prompts from several apps.

Xbox Insider, a program that allows users to test out games and software early, was first to receive the feature on July 20. It is available for Xbox Series X, S and Xbox One consoles. Discord and Xbox revealed that everyone could now access the feature on Sept. 13.

Discord claimed that even though there were many steps, gamers in the testing phase found it easy to follow.

Discord will be available on Xbox from July. It’s not going to be a one-click affair.

“We did test it with the [Xbox] Insiders, and we did not see any issues with the step by step process,” said Cherry Park, Discord’s head of platform ecosystems marketing, in an interview with The Washington Post. “For the most part, it’s because we were originally voice chat for gamers. Gaming is part of our DNA. It is definitely one of the main reasons people use us.”

First, download the Xbox mobile app and log in to your Xbox account. Then, connect your Discord account to your Xbox account. Open a Discord voice channel and then tap the option in Discord to transfer to Xbox. After the change is confirmed, the Xbox app will open again. The final step is to connect your Discord conversation to your console. After this one-time setup, Discord should now work on Xbox

The Xbox app will ask you for permission to view information about direct messaging and the Discord servers in which they are located. In a tongue-in-cheek line, it says linking Discord to the app does not give Xbox permission to “buy you a nice seafood dinner.”

Mobile users can already use Discord and Xbox together by using the mobile application while playing on Xbox. PlayStation and Nintendo Switch users can do the same, though speaking on Discord while listening to a game’s sounds can be a suboptimal experience. Xbox gamers will have a much smoother experience with this integration. Discord did not specify when its app might be available on other consoles.

“Voice chat on console was one of our number one requested features, especially from Xbox players,” Park said. “We really want to unify all gamers to come together regardless of what platform they’re on.”

Park stated that the Discord safety team was ready to assist the new users who joined via Xbox and ensure they aren’t violating the terms of service. Discord users will be able also to report any issues.

“Safety is a vital priority for our company and 15% of all Discord employees work in this area,” said Kellyn Slone, Discord product communications group manager. “We use a mix of proactive and reactive measures which include automated search tools, empowering community moderators to uphold our policies, and also providing reporting mechanisms for users and community moderators to surface violations for us to action.”

Discord launched in 2015 in a beta testing phase and found fans among gamers who liked the platform’s anonymity, reliability and focus on voice and text over video. Discord has thrived in the epidemic, with 100 million monthly active users by July 2020. Discord was primarily used by PC gamers before its integration with Xbox. The company worked closely with Xbox and some game developers to refine its service for consoles.

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